Friday night Korean food time.

Took us forever to find what the name of this restaurant is called (I am writing this the day after our dinner). Okay, so the restaurant is called Mot Na Son.

Life boss chose it, as I didn’t have any preference as I wasn’t hungry so I just went ahead with it. Lucky for us there was street parking right in front of the restaurant

This is a good start.

Got in and immediately knew this was a traditional Korean restaurant.


Because of the decor.

Also because all the customers were Korean. Looked pretty good.

We both ordered pork bone soup because it’s winter time. Come on. What better food to eat during winter than pork bone soup? We both loved the pork bone soup here! The soup was a bit different than the usual – it was a lot more thick than the other soups. I wish it was more spicy but meh, still good. Very flavorful. Life boss said the soup was made out of fermented beans or some shit. Supposed to be healthy. Very good food! Must come back!

Our meal
Pork Bone Soup

Written from Toronto, Home on December 21, 2019

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