This is a 2 picture post.

Why? Because I had no time to take other pictures. I should have. But I didn’t.

Why did I not have enough time?

Because I was busy stuffing my face at an AYCE restaurant called Gyubee.

I haven’t been to an AYCE restaurant in a long time because life boss hates that shit.

Says quality is not good.

But she went this time because my non practicing vegetarian friend wanted to try it out. I am glad my non practicing vegetarian friend asked us to come along because this was a great dining experience! The meat quality was very good, far superior that most all you can eats that I have experienced. Their cold noodles and bibimbap was also kick ass!

For 40 dollars, great value. Great service too.

Usually at these AYCE restaurants you get bitchy waitresses that hate their lives serving you.

Nope, not this place. Overall very satisfy with the service. So yes, I would love to come back again.

Do note though, you should come really early. Like 5 o’clock early. Our friends got to the restaurant at 530 and there was a huge ass line already. Still had to wait for 30 minutes! Guess it’s a testament at how great this place is.

Waiting for our food

Written from Home, Toronto on Feb 17, 2020

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