Food For Thought


I haven’t written one of these posts in a long time. Some food for thought from yours truly. Ever since the government ordered every one to self isolate the economy has been in a standstill. People aren’t going out, and thus are not spending money, and when they don’t spend much companies don’t make money. The pressure on the bottom line most likely means lay offs will be coming. With unemployment on the rise it only means less spending, and thus the start of a vicious cycle that will ultimately lead to a recession.

KPMG just announced there will be lay offs, this naturally led to some concerns from my team members. Understandably, they were worried they may lose their jobs. I was very forefront with them: Layoffs are probably on the table, not just our company but most companies in this world. For me, it’s easier to overcome a negative event if you are mentally prepared for it. So yes, prepare yourself to be laid off because we are all at risk. No one is ever safe.

But how do you operate / work in an environment in which you are constantly worried about your job security? For me, it’s quite simple. Just don’t worry about it. It’s not in your control. Instead, you should worry about things that you CAN control i.e. work hard, produce quality work, and help your peers.

I don’t know if a lot of people will agree with the above sentiment, but I don’t think being fired will define you as a person. What you leave behind however, is what people will remember you for.

And finally, remember, this is just a moment in time. 5 years later we will just be laughing at how silly we once were.


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