My staff told me there was delicious wings at this restaurant called “The Fry“.

He said its his favourite place to get wings. Korean wings that is. Interesting. Definitely got my attention because I was sick of ordering from the same restaurants. Life boss also didn’t want carbs on this night so okay, sounds good, let’s give this a try!

We got the large order which is about 2+ pounds of wings (probably more than that). You get to choose two flavours, in which we got 1)Soy Garlic 2) Normal (aka no sauce). We definitely should have gotten both with sauce.

Not a big fan of no sauce wings. Don’t know why we got it. Fail.

Regardless, the wings were really good! It was fried, but was oily like my fucking ass. meat was very tender, and the soy garlic chicken was very flavourful. Okay staff member, I concur with you this was really delicious.

My only negative feedback would be the chicken which were soggy when it arrived.

But what do you expect? Have to get everything through Uber eats now, 15 minute delivery time minimum.

BUT HEY, definitely putting this restaurant on my radar. Will definitely visit when the city reopens…which I hope is soon…….

Our wings
Our wings again

Written from Toronto, Home on May 2, 2020

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