“I want Taiwanese Food” – Life boss

That only means one thing in my life. we must eat Taiwanese food. You know the motto, whatever life boss wants life boss gets.

But man, we never ordered Taiwanese food from Uber eats before. This is gonna be a bitch. And a bitch it was. Life boss literally went though each restaurant on the app, and then dissected what was not the menu. Think it took her 30 minutes to decide on a restaurant.

And the lucky restaurant she chose was called Taiwanese Cuisine… or ZENQ?

Confused as fuck now.

Per Uber eats app this restaurant is called “Taiwanese Cuisine”. When I google the address the restaurant is called ZENQ. The hell? Is something shady going on here? I don’t know…I will just go with ZENQ..sounds cooler than just “Taiwanese cuisine”.

Okay enough bullshit about the name of the restaurant. You want to know how the food was right? Well surprisingly, it was good! I got the spicy pork chop which was nice and crispy. They also didn’t cheap out on the portions too. You get to choose 3 sides with your meal, and for me one of my sides was the tomato egg.

SHIT that was good. Even life boss concurred. I think this will be my go to dish for this restaurant. Life boss ordered the chicken meal, and got some weird ass sides. Not even going to attempt to describe it.

Overall – great meal!

UPDATE – MARCH 20 2021 – The beef noodles were not good….do not order that.

My delicious meal with delicious egg tomato
Close up
Life boss and her weird ass sides
added on march 20 2021

Written from Toronto, Home on May 2, 2020

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