Life Diary


Wow has it really been 58 days since the quarantine started?

Seemed like almost yesterday. Got some good news, the number of cases are going down. The government is gradually re-opening businesses, almost there guys! Don’t let up. Fuck COVID! Yes I can not wait when the whole city opens up and can we just roam about and do whatever we want. Might actually go to some furniture store later this week.

On a side note, why the fuck is it snowing in May? Global warming is real…..

On another side note, life boss has been stealing the covers from me. I get so damn cold at night, I try to grab a bit back but then she just pulls everything back to her side. Sigh.

I also miss travelling. I want to travel…….

By the way, no new pictures. The cover picture is from ages ago…yes…haven’t taken any new pictures either…..sadness.

Written from Toronto, Home on May 11, 2020


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