Nuwara Eliya


What is the coolest hotel you have stayed at?

I bet you the place I stayed at in Eliya is WAY better than yours.

How can you be so confident Choi?


I stayed at the Heritance Tea Factory.

As the name implies, it’s a damn tea factory!


Yes that was my reaction too when Life Boss brought me there to stay for two nights.

Not to mention it looked kind of spooky from the outside:


I was a bit scared to be honest.


But since life boss was right beside me I had to man up and not be a sissy.

But inside I was crying.

Until we got in and I was like “hey! This is a pretty cool damn place!”.

Just look at this lobby:



Pretty cool huh?

You don’t get to stay at a tea factory much nowadays.

Is it really a tea factory Choi?

Yes stop doubting me.




Okay it used to be a tea factory.

But production of the tea stopped, so some landlord decided to buy the factory and convert it to a hotel.

Now that is a very smart idea.

That guy deserves an award.


Because people will flock to this place easily! It also doesn’t hurt that the hotel is situated at the top of a hill so you get a great view:

Sri Lanka

Mmm. It was a bit foggy that day so my picture turned out like shit.

Just take my word for it. It was very beautiful.

I wish I could show you a picture of my room as well….but we forgot.

Too busy roaming around the hotel =)

If you guys want to stay at a cool place in Sri Lanka, I definitely recommend this hotel!

Let me know what other cool places you guys have stayed at! I will try not to be too cocky =p

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Written from Toronto, Home on July 12, 2018


  1. We once booked an airbnb in Galle called Wakwella Villa. We just had a room (out of 4 in the house) to ourselves, but we discovered we were the only guests. So we ended up with a giant colonial mansion all to ourselves, with common rooms, striped couches, kitchen, wooden fans, black-and-white pictures of old cricket teams on the walls, green gardens and paths. it was crazy how big this old house Victorian house was.

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