For those that know me well you know I HATE small portions of food.

Especially when I am paying big bucks at a restaurant. This is exactly what happened when I did a lunch at Ki, a modern Japanese restaurant. I know this was more of a high end place, so had some expectations the food portions won’t be large. That’s why I got the chirashi, which in the past has never failed me. Well, this time around it failed me hard. The Chirashi came with 5 pieces of fish….what…that never happens. usually there is more than that…I did get some sides (ginger + some other weird dish) but needless to say I was still hungry. So I ordered a sushi set to share. That definitely put us over the top, but mannnn this whole meal was EXPENSIVE. Though I should have known, it’s Ki. Located in the heart of downtown, what else should I have expected?

At least the fish was fresh…’s just I was so damn hungry….I need to choose better places next time.

Fun note – they have burgers here? huh? Wagyu burgers? alright…I guess I may have to try this out next week (coming back again…yes I know..I don’t learn).

Small Chirashi
Another angle
Sushi Set

Written from Toronto, Home on Sept 16, 2020

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