Our friend wanted to Hakka Food.

I don’t know if I ever had Hakka Food before. I was going to make chicken wings for my friend (costco wings) but she loves her chinese food (see the eating chinese food in Cuba post). So cool, we went with “Hakka Food” at Frederick Restaurant. Per their website, they are a mix of Hakka and Chinese. Isn’t Hakka chinese? I am confused. We got chilli chicken, some fried chicken, eggplant, and fried price. This doesn’t sound like your typical chinese dishes.

We sat down and started eating. This tasted more like Indian? Seems like it’s one of those Indian Chinese restaurants? Yeah I don’t know. Oh I forgot, we also ordered hot and sour soup…it was meh..

Overall was an okay meal, don’t think we will come back though. Because… this was not really chinese food.

IMG_20200919_1808532nd picture

Written from Toronto, Home on September 20, 2020

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