Yep, we finally did it. We brought baby boss out for lunch.

We were craving for pho for the longest time, and one of our favorite pho restaurants (Pho Vietnam) finally opened up so that’s where we went. It is a 20 – 25 minute ride from our place which got me a bit stressed, wasn’t sure how baby boss was going to react. But life boss said this would be good, because baby boss sleeps well in the car. Fair enough. Got to the restaurant in one piece, surprisingly it wasn’t packed. Maybe people are still worried about COVID19. And they should, # of daily cases is now over 200. God dammit. There is going to be another shot down and I am going to have to revive my lock down posts.

People, enjoy eating out while you can.

I got my normal P8 (raw beef + tendon), life boss the got house special. They used to offer two types of noodles, fresh and dry, but now the fresh is all gone because their supplier went out of business. Damn, that sucks. Tried the dry noodles, wasn’t too bad, ain’t going to prevent me from coming back. We also ordered something we never ordered before, this Cheung Fan style kind of spring roll, really liked it. Too bad I forgot what it’s called already, don’t know I am able to re-order it again hah.

I like this place because of the beef broth, although life boss said it was a bit bland this time around, mm I don’t know I liked it.

And Baby Boss was a champion, slept through the entire lunch. Nice!

Baby boss chilling here
Forehead with restaurant in the background
this “spring roll” was delicious, don’t know how to order it again though
life boss house noodles
My raw beef and tendon noodles

Written from Toronto, Home on September 13, 2020

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