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Cookie Town

North Sioux City

Me working hard at the client site in North Sioux City.  Accounting is dangerous, need hard caps!

One of the main things I enjoy about work is the ability to travel.  The highlight was definitely barbados, where I learned a little bit about their culture, and I had a lot of their delicious food.

Montreal was also pretty awesome.

However, I also get to go to some random places in which I probably would never go to for a vacation.

Last year I went to Indianapolis, which was alright.

This week, I will be in Sioux City, South Dakota.

It is….an interesting experience to say the least.


This is probably one of the most ghetto/slow airports I’ve ever seen.  Main reason is because this place gets NO air traffic at all:

LoL!!! I laughed so hard when i saw this board (You can only rearch Sioux City through transfers from Chicago or other major US cities).

There was literally only one aircraft on the runway.  Our aircraft. After i got my luggage, I of course had to find a mode of transportation to my hotel.  So i called a taxi. Yes there were no taxis waiting around for you.  I swear…



Food was average, normal.  The stuff you find here you can probably find in Toronto.  Lunch was catered by the client so didn’t really get to go out as much to eat.  Which was probably a good thing since we only know where Mc Donald’s is.

One thing that did impress me though was the service that we received.  Our drinks were refilled before we even finished the first one.  They even refilled our appetizers without extra charge. They were also very nice.


There are casinos EVERYWHERE!!  Although the ones that were around our hotel, were very run down.  But then, it was like a 25 cent casino.  Took a couple of pictures while we were driving to work.

Yes.  These are real casinos.  And no.  we did not enter any of them.  I value my life still.


Seriously, getting a gun in the states is like buying milk in a supermarket.  We walked into a sports store, and behold guns everywhere!!!  Shot guns, hand guns etc etc.

Made me feel very safe.


Client graciously took us for a plant tour.  This is my 2nd or 3rd time going to a food manufacturing plant. Im still amazed at the logistics and operational management it requires to run a plant.

Not to mention the cookie and bread dough smells really good fresh.

I got to see first hand how cookies were made.  Took a couple of pictures during the plant tour.  Enjoy!

Mint chocolate cookies

Chocolate Dough



Ugh.  Possibly the worst hotel experience I’ve ever had.  To be cost efficient, we booked a hotel that borderlined a motel.

Anyhow, got in, checked into the room.  At first I didn’t notice anything weird until I started coughing.  My co worker came into the room and immediately noticed that my room was very smokey.  So i asked the front desk lady, and it turns out I had a smokers room -.-.

I asked for a new room, and really you are fully booked?  She also had an attitude problem.  So I went across the street and immediately booked a room with them instead (for the whole week).  The smokey ghetto motel had the audacity to still charge me for a night though!!!!! ugh, angry just thinking about it.

Props to Hampton Inn (the place im staying now).  It’s actually pretty nice.  I’ve stayed with them while I was in Indianapolis and when I was in Brantford Ontario.  They have excellent customer service, respectable breakfest, clean (non smokey) rooms.  I told the front desk lady at the Hampton Inn about what happend, and she gave me a discount!  Now that, is customer service.

I am going to give you guys some free advertising.  VISIT THEIR WEBSITE


Overall experience

Overall, there were ups and a lot of downs.  However, it was definitely an experience and something I know I can share with my kids down the road.  Would I come back again? No.  But I would also not trade the experience away either.


Music time. Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng.  Happy for them that they ended up together again.  I also really like this song, the lyrics are quite meaningful.

Just proves, that anything can happen. Never say never.  Till next time!

如早知今生跟你 有幸可相愛 在當初應更努力為未來

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