Short Story – “Subway Stop”


..and there she was sitting across from him on the subway. 

She was pretty.

This instantly made him nervous. He did not see himself as an attractive guy. He’s always been shy around girls.  But this time, it will be different.  This time, he thought to himself “I am going to ask for her number”. 

He looked up at the transit monitor.  He’s getting off at the next stop. He hesitates.

The train stops. 

Still no action. 

He takes a deep breathe, and starts walking towards her.  He catches her eye.

She quickly turns away.

He hesitates again. “Just say hi!!”

His friend suddenly shouts “Let’s go! the doors closing”.  He follows his friend, running past her, through the closing doors.   


..and there he was standing across from him. 

“He’s cute” she thought to herself. 

This made her nervous right away.

She’s never thought of herself as the best looking girl around.  She’s always been nervous around guys.

“Just smile at him, and say hi” she thought to herself.

The train stops.  She looks up, and sees the guy walking towards her. 

This took her by surprised.  Nervous, she quickly turns away.

“Ugh, why do I always do that!?” she thought to herself. 

She hears the train doors open.  People justling in and out of the train.  The train door closes.  She looks up, and he was gone. 

Seize the moment

I really liked writing back in elementary school.  Yes, my small story is a little rough.  A little cheesy.  I figure if I write / practice enough I’ll get good at it.

And if not, well hey, it’s my blog. =)

Anyways, the theme of my short story is about seizing the moment.  This was inspired by the book “The Game”.

Yes..weird right?

I’m re reading the novel “The Game”.  For those that don’t know, it’s about pick up artists, and how they pick up girls.

The one thing I got from this book is to act when you want something.  The PUAs (Pick up artist) have a rule where if they see a girl they like, they will approach them within 3 seconds.  Any longer than 3 seconds they will start having doubts in their head, and will eventually not pursue her.

The morale? Seize the moment.  You want something? Go get it!

Don’t wait for your mind to start giving you doubts.  Take a leap of faith my friend.

[As i am writing this, Brady “seized the moment” by conning me into scracthing his chin.  “Cats”]


So this is my first ever written short story that I have published on tumblr.  To be honest, I was hesitant to even publish it to the public.  Which is ironic, since the whole theme of this post is about doing what you want.

Well, I am sure there will be people that laughs at it.  Which is good, I made someone laugh.

But whenever a concept / theme comes up that I think can be written into a small story, I will try it.

So be prepared.  There’s gonna be a lot of bad, shitty, cheesy, stories coming your way.  You are welcome to skip those posts if you want.

I will probably look at this a year from now, and SMH. LoL.


I did not know this song till last year.  I think it’s been out way before that?  Not sure.  Again I am not up to date with the current musical trends.

Shayne Ward – Breathless

This song is appropriate for this post, IMO!

That’s it! Short post.  Cottage this long weekend.  Time to rock it.  Probably will not be able to blog until I come back.

Take care!!!

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