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Chow Yun Fat in the God of Gamblers is so damn cool!!

Okay so I was able to get another post in this week.  I lied in my prior post.

So lately I’ve racked up quite a bit of bills.  The most recent being my cottage trip for the long weekend.  I now owe my friend $280, which is supposed to be due on Wednesday (August 1 2012).  He threatened to put a rate of 5% + Prime on this debt.  So, in an attempt to this cost reimbursed (or part of it reimbursed), I started playing online poker again.

Should be noted my favourite poker player is Daniel Negreanu.

Why? Watch the following video and you will see why.

My goal is to raise a portion of $280 before the long weekend starts.  I started playing on Saturday (July 28, 2012).  Before I started playing though, I made some rules for myself:

Rules of Poker for Munky Choi

1 – Do not withdraw any winnings if I am under $100 (My initial deposit was $50, and I was able to win another $50 before this challenge).  Therefore, for this challenge I will only count my withdrawals as winnings.  Also, if I am under my bankroll (under $100) this will not be considered a loss (since I have a $50 buffer from prior plays).  Rather, I will not be able to withdraw the cash.

2 – Do not play in cash games (I tend to not do as well in cash games)

3 – Play in a table of 6 only (I have short attention span).  If I really feel like it, I can join one BIG multi-table tourney, but only if I have the time for it (usually these things can go on for 3 – 4 hours)

4 – If I win, keep playing.  If I lose, take at least a 15 minute break before attempting another game

5 – I decided to only play in the 7 dollar buy in games.  This leaves me plenty of room just in case I run into a string of bad games (i.e. $100 / 7$ buy in equals to roughly 14 games.  If i lost 14 games in a row I have nothing to say).

The payout for this buy in is as follows:

Total Players : 6

Places that get paid : 2

First Place : 25.28

Second Place : 13.60

Each game lasts about 30 minutes.

I figure, if I can win at least two and not lose any games per day I would make a total profit of $36 (25 – 7 buy in) x 2.  As such, by Wednesday I will come close to a total of $180 (covering more than 50% of my cost!).

That’s the plan anyways.

With those rules in mind, here’s how I did:


In total, I was able to withdraw $95 as of 9:54AM Wednesday, August 1 2012.

Wednesday is probably a write off because I will be out have dinner with some friends, so I figure I just post this now.  I guess I could play some more on Thursday, but it won’t be much since I have basketball.

so out of the $280, I was able to get poker to sponsor 34% of the cost.  Totally didn’t make my goal, but hey it still helped with the cost!!

I believe I did not reach the $180 goal because of the following:

1) Did not play enough volume (I ended up playing about 3 games per day on average)

2) Had some bad beats

3) Made some poor decisions

Not quitting my day job, that’s for sure.


Although I wouldn’t say I had major success playing this week I still enjoyed my winnings.

I find that the strategy for Sit and Gos and cash games are different.  Cash games requires you to be very aggressive, pressuring other players.

Whereas for SnGs, you really have to be patient in the beginning.  1 – 2 players will usually go out before the blinds even go up one level, leaving you with 4 players.  That means most of the time you have a 50% chance of making the money.  Pretty good odds to me!!!

I am not poker pro, but if you want you can check out Daniel Negreanu’s site :


Pretty informative in my opinion (like him or hate him).


I’m currently addicted to this song! haha alright cottage time this weekend!!! have a good long weekend!!

Can you blow my whistle baby whistle baby

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