The restaurant

Just finished a poker session.  Took another 36 bucks out =) Not bad for a 1 hour session eh??

Anyways, going to write about my experience at Canoe.

Canoe is one of the restaurants that I have wanted to try in a long time, but never really had the chance to try it.  I don’t know much about their reputation in terms of food quality, but I wanted to go there for the view.  For those that don’t know, this is the location:

Alright, here’s a recap of the experience:


Yaya! Definitely has one of the best views! Ranks up there with Panorama.  It’s much more formal than Panorama though, so I guess if you like dressing up this place will suit you well.  The decor of the restaurant was alright, I didn’t find anything special about it.  I did notice though, for round tables they have round dinner mats, and for rectangular tables they have rectangular mats. haha consistency, interesting.

Here’s a couple of pictures that we took:

Sunset Toronto

Nightview Toronto taken from my crappy Iphone camera.

Anyways, definitely on the top of my list in terms of atmosphere / view.


oooo the food was amazing!!  I’m not a food expert, so I guess other people may disagree, but the food was really, really, really, really

The food was so good that I failed to take a picture -.-.’s the menu:

..uh it may too small for you to see..try zooming in..if not here’s the link:

This is what we ordered:

For starters, we ordered the Clover Roads Duck “Tongue to Tail” and Wellington County Beef Tar Tar. It was delicious.

For the main course, we had the Alberta Lamb and Beef Strip Loin. It was delicious.

We also had desert called Soft Chocolate Financier?? It’s like a cake. It was delicious.

And we had wine.

It was a really good meal…


Alright, so this place is a little pricey. I think it’s still worth to go at least once.  Great company + great food > the cost of the bill in my opinion.

So you! Go and try it now!!!!!!!


You definitely get great service for the price you are paying.  We had people explaining every dish (the ingredient, how it was made etc etc).  To be honest, I really didn’t know half the stuff that was in my food hah but it was good nonetheless!!


Great experience, great view and great food! Can’t ask for more.  Will definitely come back..when I make money…


I spent a whole day syncing my iphone to my new laptop.  It involved moving all my music over.  While I was doing that, I came across some VERY old songs….one of them was Love Inc – You’re a superstar.


So reach for the sky and hold your head up high,
For tonight and everynight you’re a superstar.
And don’t you be afraid,
Think of all the friends you’ve made,
Like any other night you’ve got your name in lights,
You’re a superstar.

Going to the bank tomorrow, picking up my aunt from the airport, and drinking with a friend.  Life is good at the moment.


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