Bad Beats in Poker

This is a poker pro

This is my friend poker pro. I think aside from trying to win money, having a good time while playing is equally important.


The main game I play is Sit and Gos. These are mini tourneys (one table).  As you may know, I play in the 7 dollar buy in game.  So far, I have been able to take out about $150 (only withdrawing if my bankroll is above $100).  This is pretty decent I suppose, however it has been up and down, and did I mention frustrating?

And that’s why, it warrants a second post.

I will talk about my experience playing so far, and some tips that I picked up along the way.

And again, I am no poker pro so take my words with a grain of salt.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll to me is how much money you can play with.  This does NOT mean your entire bank account.  Rather, you should set yourself a limit of what you are comfortable with, and stick with it.

If you are not disciplined in this area, I do not advise you to play.

If your bankroll goes to 0, save up before depositing again.  This is key.

Furthermore, Bankroll management is one of the most important skill you have to master.  By understanding your bankroll, you know what games you should participate in.

For example, if my bankroll is $100, I should not participate in the $25 buy in tourneys.  Some articles online will suggest you play in games where the bankroll is 20 times the buy in.  I cheat a little by playing in $7 (about 14 times).

Do not play over your limits.  You will find yourself broke very soon.

The ups and downs

Playing online allows you to play many hands. As such, you will have bad beats.  It’s inevitable.

there were times when my AA lost to stupid hands like T7.  It’s just how poker is.  Don’t blame the software for being rigged.  It is what it is!

Of course, any normal person will steam in those circumstances.  When it does happen to you, just walk away from the game for a bit.  Go for a jog and clear your mind.

And this doesn’t happen to just online poker.  Even real life poker this happens.  The sickest one was quad aces against a royal flush lol!.  Here’s a video of some of the bad beats that occurred.

I find that if you focus on the short term, you will be very frustrated.  You may see your bankroll dwindle.  I know last week, my bankroll went from 92 dollars to 36 dollars in just a few days.  I was frustrated to the max.  Luckily, I took my own advice, took a day off from poker, and now im back to $90.  Although, I have yet to break the $100 since so I haven’t been able to take out money =(.

My point is though, if i was to plot poker on a graph in the long run you will see your earnings gradually increase.

Play to make the money

Sit and Gos are not like cash games.  Cash games you should be aggressive in my opinion.

S and Gs, you should strategize to try to make it to the money. Let other players take out the wild players.  Try to have the other players take as much bad beats as possible.

I usually play only 10 – 15% of the hands early on.  I only start loosening up in the latter half of the game.  I find this strategy extremely effective for me.

Although I must say, I’ve been getting a lot of 2nd place finishes lately, which is really annoying (if i get 2nd place twice but lose once I end up at the same place).

I’ve folded AJ when faced with an All In in the beginning of games.  Because even with AJ, you can lose to donkey hands like 27 (i’ve seen it happen).  It is just not worth it in the beginning when blinds are 15/30, the pot has like only 100 bucks and people are going all in with 1500 chips.


This is my winning song.  This is what I feel like after every session haha.

It’s a good song, featuring the LINKIN PARK!!!

Together we made it We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall. Forever we waited.  And they told us we were never going to get it

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