Me and my friend at Origin

As a result of Lebron winning a ring this year, I had to treat my friend to a dinner of her choice.  I really don’t like Lebron.  I hope the Lakers take it all the way next year.  That topic will be for another post, at another time.

So this post is about Origin the Restaurant!  Here we go!


This place is located near King and Church. I think there’s another one located elsewhere..not sure where..haha. The place had a open kitchen concept, which helped with the atmosphere. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the place.  However I did come across the gallery on their own website.  Here’s the link, you can check it out:
The food was Uh Mey Zing!  It’s like fusion concept.  Each dish is like an appetizer, so we ordered 5 dishes.  Just a recap of what we had:
Yah to be honest the oysters from Diana’s seafood was better.  Nothing too special about this dish.
No worries though, there’s a lot more coming!
Spicy Tuna Handroll
This was interesting. Aside from the spicy tuna, there was a lot of different veggies.  Gave it a wide range of taste.  The sauce was really good too.  It was some sort of mayonnaise sauce.  Yum

This was really good. It’s cheese, think beef? and other sauces on bread.  The cheese was sooooo good.  It literally melts in your mouth.  Drooling…
Chinois duck in flour tortilla
This was a lot like the chinese version of the pekking duck. It was very similar, but still good!
Bangkok beef salad
This was the best dish in my opinion.  So many flavours.  You had to mix the beef with everything else.  It was really a typical salad dish where there were a lot of greens.  This was really filling.  It was really good. lol.
The price itself wasn’t too bad, given that we ordered like 5 dishes plus drinks.  Will definitely come back if given the chance.
Overall this was a good choice of a restaurant!  Really enjoyed it! Going to more restaurants this week, not sure if I will do a review on those guys though as it’s more of the AYCE kind.

More kang gary songs! hahah song is called Turn off the TV by Leessang.

I don’t understand Korean, but the hook / chorus of the song is really catchy. give it a try.


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