Missing can be used to describe the void you have to fill in your life.

Missing can also be used to describe the reflection of a positive moment in the past in which you have experienced.

I hope you were able to understand what I wrote.  There’s many things in this world that we are missing, (i.e. employment is missing in my life).

But we should not focus on that missing.  Rather, missing should be used to reflect on the past so that you can cherish the future more. For example, I miss my childhood (elementary school).  The carefree days.

But this will not be a EMO post about what I missed in the past.  Haha I am going to blog about things I will miss / not miss about Toronto as countdown to launch day to HK begins!

Top 3 things I will miss

1) Sports

How am i going to get my hockey, basketball, football (American) and baseball fixes?  Is there a Canadian bar over there?  I am going to miss playoff sports.

I guess you should be able to find a bar that shows the games since there’s a lot of North American Expatriates that goes there.  But, watching a game 7 or 8 AM is … different.

If you know of a bar that plays the sports that I just mentioned though, please message me!!

2) Driving

Yah!  Driving is not required in HK because their public transit is so convenient.  But I will miss having a car to drive around. I will miss driving standard.  If i ever make enough money I’ll try to get a car there..highly doubt it though.

Traffic there is crazy.  And you have to find parking everywhere!


I will miss my car.

3) Space

I will miss the parks, and the nature trails where I can jog.  I like to jog.  I also like to play basketball.  But with the limited space in HK, I am not sure if I can do this.

Well I guess there will be parks still, but you get the point.  It won’t be as spacious as it in Toronto.

I also envision a lot of sweaty people bunched together on the streets.

Top 3 things I will not miss

1) TTC

Yes.  I absolutely despise the TTC.  I had to take it to work for the last year or so.  I swear.  Every week there is a delay.  The TTC system is one of the most archaic systems in the world.

Part of the problem could be funding.  But i also believe their methods of pricing is flawed.  But that rant is for another day.

I will not miss the TTC.

See ya!

2) Taxes

I know.  We have free health care.  I have not used this free health care yet.  I know, it’s more for the seniors.  I get that.  Still.  When I am paying 15% of taxes on water I need to drink, I get a little annoyed.

I think taxes are important, but there is no incentive for someone to reach to the upper tax brackets when you lose half your salary to taxes.

I will not miss paying taxes.

See ya!

3) Winter

Ya i am a January baby.  And having lived in Toronto for the last..26 years I am used to winter.  I don’t really mind the cold.  I don’t mind the snow.

Rather what i hate is the traffic that comes with winter.  Your commute (either through car or TTC) doubles whenever there is snow.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the snow.  I like winter.

I just hate it when I have to wake up an extra hour early just to get to work.

See ya!


You know, the things i discussed above are really minor things.  You know what the important things are.  No need to get awkward here (I can get awkward later).  But right now, I’m just enjoying life!

When I get to HK, I wil probably talk about that place more.  So keep posted =p


BSB!  haha I miss 90’s music.  The song is called Bigger.  Hope you enjoy it!!

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