Update on Munky


Alright, I’d thought I take the time to give an update on my progress in HK.

So far so good!


It’s official.  I am moving to my new place in Kwun Tong on November 20, 2012!I’m really excited to move, for the final time. It’s located at the top of the mountain (sort of mountain), which is really quiet.  The air quality, is slightly better I suppose with less traffic, but really the best selling point is the fact that it’s quiet.  The place I am living right now is good, but because it’s closer to the city I always get woken up by the dam traffic / construction by 9AM.

I want to sleep in.

Anyways, I will take some pictures of the new place once it’s furnished, and of course when I move in.

Speaking of furnishing, I got myself a mattress already.  Cost about $3K HKD, which is about $400 CDN (based on exhange rate of 8).  I don’t really know much about mattresses.  It was recommended to me.  So I have to go with their word.

Also bought a Samsung TV from Sam Sui Po.  About $3K HKD again.  Kind of wanting a bigger one now though.  We will see, maybe I’ll just use this as my computer monitor.

Next up on my to buy list – Sofa and dinner table!

O I have to take the bus to get to my place…


OK, so I have been goingthis sauna place quite a bit.  I know it’s a little expensive to what people are used to in HK, but well I don’t have a visa to China yet lol so this will have to do.

I usually go there when I have nothing to do.  You can spend the whole day there, and it’s AYCE and AYCD (Non alcoholic).  You can also get a massage for additional cost.  And if you know me, I love massages.  haha.

Other than that, Just been bumming around HK here and there.  Spent most of my time in TST really.  Drinking and eating with friends.



I am employed =p.  Starting at the end of the month.

More on this later, but after 3 months of unemployment, my brain is ready to be working again!!


Don’t really know Korean, but this is a catchy song.
I can provide you with whatever you need cause you were meant for me

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