Obama Wins, but our system is still broken


So it was the US elections today.  Obama wins again.  I didn’t even have to turn on CNN to see the results.  My facebook was flooded with Obama win comments.

I don’t follow US politics closely, so I can’t really comment on whether his mandate is better than Romneys, or vice versa.

What I do want to rant about is how I believe our current Western system is broken.

The following is a couple of points I want to rant about.

Their plans just don’t make sense

Not just American Politics.  Even Canadian politics, or politics in general.

The common theme?

“We will cut taxes.  We will increase public service.”

Uh, how?  This is one of the reason I never vote for the center (i.e. liberals).  I believe in order to move a country / economy forward, you have to do well in either 1) Private Sector or 2) Public Sector.

Being in the center, simply means you are trying to appease both sides, which in the real world just doesn’t work.

Either vote for a privatization heavy mandate (i.e. Conservatives) or a public sector focused mandate (i.e. NDP).

Sorry I am using Canadian political terms now.

Anyways, even if you do focus on side, there will always be a segment of the population that will never be happy.

Raise taxes = Protests

Decrease public services = Protests

Really, how the hell are you ever going to eliminate the debt?

Problem? Too much dependence on the government

In my opinion, the problem with today’s economy (including Europe and US) is the fact there is too much people depending on the government.

I.e. (I don’t want to pay taxes but I still want to enjoy the free services).

Or, give me a bailout because of my past mistakes.


In my opinion, the government should play a lesser role.  They should focus on things that affect the entire country, like military or foreign relations.

Give more power to the provinces / states when it comes to health care, public transit and things that affect citizens directly.

Furthermore, PUSH people to start working harder, at the same time being accountable for their own actions.

Why the hell would I want to work harder when every extra dollar I make gets taxed at like 50%?????

Where are the incentives?

Ok fine, if you want to tax me at 50% then at least give me some good public services.

See Toronto – TTC? Shit.

Health care? Yes it’s free, but have you been to the hospitals? I wouldn’t want my parents to be waiting in line forever just to get surgery.  I’d rather just go to a private institute.

Anyways, just felt like ranting while sitting at starbucks haha.

Really, there are no perfect solution.  I just feel like, the current system is broken, and that a radical change is required.

See ya!



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