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Well, I am sitting in a mall at Hung Hom typing this. I have no broadband internet at home, and I am killing my mobile bandwidth so I have to do this outside.

One of the more convenient things about HK is the fact there is WIFI everywhere!  If you sign up with one of the mobile companies here, they usually give you an account where you can log on to their wifi hotspots around the city.

Anyways, just going to type whatever comes to mind at the moment.


So apparently the Jays acquired some good players.  The biggest one being Reyes.  As I don’t follow baseball as closely as I should, this seems like a big deal.  I really hope the Jays do well.  Unfortunately my red sox is going to suck the upcoming year, so the Jays better do well!


Whoa. I love their clothes.  Bought four pairs of pants from them already.  Planning to buy more one I get paid.  I have no income for the last few months, and it’s starting to kill me lol

Broadband internet

So I’ve been debating this for a while.  I am debating whether I should get broadband internet at home.  I haven’t gotten it yet since I still have yet to move to my new place (which by the way should be next week).

Furthermore, I won’t be in Hong Kong as much after I start work (it’s a travelling job).  So I am wondering if I really do need broadband.  Another factor is that I can easily walk down to the mall and go to starbucks, and steal internet from there.mmm…will think about it some more.


I am officially running out of ideas of what to eat each day.  Actually, what I really want is a big fact harveys burger..sigh.  Getting kind of sick of noodles and rice now. Although those are usually the cheapest (white food is more expensive, and is not comparable to Canada).

Running Man

I am watching running man right now, and I have finally caught up! Still love Ji Hyo!  Dam cute.  Gary’s my idol as well haha love their music.

Now that I am caught up, I have no idea how to kill my time during night.

Well, I am watching this new TVB series about Eunuchs…yes…lol but the story line is quite good.  My TO friends look out for the series next year!


I am going to try to see the Big Buddha tommorow.  If i do, I will take pictures and blog about it!!


Raymond lam’s song from high and lows.  The drama just ended, but the song got stuck in my head.



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