Being a Canadian rocks

..for traveling.

I’ve been lucky to be able to travel a bit the last few months.  Sometimes I complain about how Canada is boring, high taxes etc etc.

But if there’s one thing thats good about being a Canadian, is the ease of traveling.

Sure I have to apply for VISAs sometimes (i.e. China and India), but the process is very simple.  I haven’t had much problems applying for the visas.

What is more evident, is that when going through customs I find that I have a much easier time.  I feel like the customs official sees that I am a Canadian, and pretty much stamps my passport allowing me to pass.

Whereas, when I am waiting in line i see people from other countries takes a lot longer, with the official looking at them more than once. lol.

I see also the “random” searches being done on those people more.

Maybe it’s a racist thing, or maybe it’s a stereotype.

But one thing is for sure, I am pretty proud to be a Canadian when passing through customs.

That’s all! Going to sydney tommorrow! will blog about that =)


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