Hong Kong


Tai Wai or 大圍 in chinese.


This is where I currently live!
One of the things I said I would do last year but never got the chance to do was write about the different districts in Hong Kong. So let’s talk a bit about Tai Wai!


You can easily reach Tai Wai via the MTR in Hong Kong. It’s just one stop above Kowloon Tong.

For those that don’t know Tai Wai is part of the New Territories. I would say that Tai Wai is like the suburbs, it’s not as busy and crowded like the city center of Hong Kong. It’s also very convenient with a bus terminal that goes back to the city center (i.e. Central) or to the airport, a taxi stand, and also the MTR line where you can go back to TST or straight into China (It’s on the same line).


One of the things I like about Tai Wai is the abundance of space where you can run, walk or bike. For Bike lovers there are plenty of rental bike shops around. It’s also very cheap (I think i paid like 50HKD for a whole day).

For me, I love to run around this path. It’s nice and quiet. The area is gorgeous on a nice sunny day as well. The path leads to the river stream (see first picture). Not sure if it’s a river but it definitely doesn’t stink.



Just downstairs where I live, there’s a street market and a indoor market. It’s a pretty cool place where you can buy fresh vegetables. You can also buy live chickens..where they kill it in front of you, and then you bring it home. Yes…I personally have not tried it,

That’s all for Tai Wai. Keep posted for other district posts in HK!


  1. Hong Kong is a shithole and Cantonese food is disgusting. The locals eat Japanese if they can afford it, if they cant afford Japanese they eat Italian. ‘Street food’ is unhealthy crap.

    1. Ehhh i dont know if cantonese food is disgusting if you go to the right restaurants. I love mah chinese food.

      And i love my street food aka street hot dogs but i consider myself unhealthy so its cool.

  2. I love your travels thanks for sharing with the ones who will never see places like this other then through the eyes of your lens. I thought it would be more crowded in the streets. You mentioned lots of space I am surprised. Enjoy and continue to keep us updated.

    1. Thanks =)

      Yes Hong Kong in general is very crowded, but like a lot of cities there are suburban areas where there are more space (as compared to the city center).


    2. Danke!Das war bisher der einzige Tipp, der sofort geholfen hat. Und die schönen anderen Dinge, die man damit noch &#8s20;an2tellen” kann. Vorsicht ist trotzdem geboten. Nichts für den absoluten Laien. Danke vielmals.Gruß aus der EifelSigi

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