Landed in Taipei the other day, and found out my room was not ready.  Hungry and wet, I proceeded to walk around in search of my ultimate goal, food.  Since I was staying in the suburb area of Taipei there were not a lot of choices. I did however stumble upon a mall, in which I entered (why would i not?).  After 15 minutes of walking around, I saw this gigantic sign that said “Beer”.

And off I went into this restaurant called “Le Ble D’or”.  Is that french? Have no idea.


The first thing that I ordered was of course a dark, cold beer.  Delicious after a 1 hour flight + 2 hours of waiting around doing nothing.  Apparently the restaurant brews their own beer, I wouldn’t know.  Regardless, the beer was delicious.

After contemplating for 10 minutes of what I should divulge myself into, I decided on ribs.  Yumm………

how was it? It was not bad.  The sauce was a bit interesting, as it is not your normal BBQ sauce.
In fact, I thought it tasted more like apple sauce but then my taste buds are pretty screwed up to begin with.

Gobbled this down in about 15 minutes which was a sight not to behold.

The interior of the restaurant was pretty interesting too.  It looked kind of medieval to me?  My perspective anyways.


Website of the restaurant is

They have a lot of branches in Taiwan, so you won’t have a hard time finding it.


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