Ho Ho Ho! Another year has come and gone.  But before it’s gone, there is still one last major holiday to celebrate.

Christmas =)


And with Christmas, means awesome Company Christmas Parties!

This year we held the party at the Sha Tin Jockey Club House.  I think this is the first I was in the Hong Kong Jockey Club House.  Really impressed.

Mostly impressed about the food.  We had buffet style:


There were pasta, roast beef, sushi, smoke salmon, ice cream, cakes, salad. I can go on and on and on.

Needless to say, I overate.

What is even more awesome is that I got to play some MahJong!  Finally!  We arrived a bit early to take advantage of this.
I think I won.



All in all, a fun night.  I even won a beer tasting class for two!  Woohoo!  Now….who am I going to take?  That is the question..

hehe happy celebrations everyone!  It’s CHRISTMAS!!!


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