The latest crave (or maybe it’s been a crave for awhile now) in Hong Kong is Korean culture! Korean food, Korean music, Korean cosmetics, the list goes on and on.  Me personally I do have cravings for Korean food from time to time.  And so on a friday night, when my buddy suggested Korean I said sure why not!


The recommended restaurant is called “Cho Won” located in TST.  The exact address is:

1/F, Eastern Flower Centre, No. 22-24 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Apparently his ex-boss recommended it.  Originally I thought this was a Korean BBQ place so my stomach was expecting grilled beef.  But we decided to go the other route, and ordered some traditional Korean dishes, such as seafood pancake, pork wrapped in lettuce, and some kimchi jigae (my favorite!)


Okay, fine I am not Korean.  I actually don’t know if these are traditional dishes, but the restaurant seems authentic as some of the employees spoke Korean.


Traditional or not, the food was good! We of course also ordered Soju and Beer.  I am beginning to really like this combination, not a big fan of Soju but when mixed with Beer it’s an awesome combination.  We drank a lot =p

Nice little place, don’t know if you need to make reservations as it wasn’t too packed on a Friday night, but it wouldn’t hurt!


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