This post is about the Love River at Kaohsiung, so it’s only appropriate I start the post off with “Love Song” by Sky right?

And while you’re finding your way home
Me, I’ll be watching me a TV show
And if the darkness is all you see
Well then you don’t know what you’re missing
Well it’s kinda like a love song


Got that out of the way.  Love River is a river in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan and is an absolute treat for those that wants to get away.  A 15 minute walk from the art district, this is a great place to bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friends, family etc.  It’s quiet, there are food stands, cafes and restaurants when you are tired.

By the way, doesn’t this look like the Pearl River in Guangzhou? haha.

The river is about 12 KMs long, and is similar to the Thames River in London in that it promotes tourism for the city.  There is a gondola which gives a nice view of the city.  You can also hop on a boat to experience the river itself.  I must say, I really like this walk.  Reminds me of my home in Hong Kong.

Next time I will bring running shoes and run here =)

You can get here by getting off at the Yanchengpu station, and take the Wufu Road exit.  Walk east until you see signs for the love river.

Alternatively, you can also go straight to the love river from the art district.  You can also follow the signs.

Hope you get to see this nice river!


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