So technically, we were working in an area called Coominya, which is a really small town with not a lot of food options.  Actually, there was only one pub and one wooly’s to get food from.  As such, we weren’t sure where we would be able to hold a closing lunch with them, thinking we probably need to go to the city, or i was thinking we probably just make a lunch in the pantry.

Turns out there was a lovely cafe, just 15 minutes down the road =p

It’s true, your experience is so much more enhanced when you have a local around you.  This cafe is located near a reservoir, which is why it’s so beautiful to eat here.  I have to admit though, this place is in the middle of nowhere so I don’t know how people (other than the locals) will be able to find this place.  It’s definitely a gem, and if I had special occasion to celebrate I’d definitely come here for a lunch.


Really chilled out atmosphere as you can tell.

Brisbane Valley Highway, Lake Wivenhoe QLD 4306, Australia is the address.  Yep straight copy and paste from google.

I ordered the curry chicken rice3

To my surprise, it was actually good.  I mean, usually these out of nowhere places with a good view don’t result in good tasting food.  It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t mind blowing.  But it wasn’t bad.  I wish the green curry was a bit spicier though but let’s not be tooooo picky here.

But really, the biggest selling point here is the fact that’s quiet and the view is gorgeous.  And since it was summer it was even better, you get to sit outside the patio.


Thanks for taking us there!!

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