Pacific Mall…I can already see my friends in Toronto rolling their eyes.  What seems to be a tourist attraction to the outside world, is actually a nuisance to some living here.  Why?  Because you can never find parking around that area.  Why? Because there are too many cars. Why?  Because there are a lot of asians living here!  But since I am trying to give Toronto more love, I guess I should introduce this big asian mall to the world.


And I kid you know, the pacific mall is an Official Canadian Tourist Attraction.  Whatttttt.

The mall should not be mixed up with the one in Vancouver.   I have never been to the one in Vancouver, so can’t really compare the two.  Maybe one day .

Here at P mall (short for pacific mall duh), you will find restaurants and food courts, where you can of course….eat.


You can get noodles, rice, soy sauce chicken.  I am sure there is a lot more but, frankly I don’t eat here much =p

You will also find all sorts of figurines, including buddhas, dragons, sheep (cause chinese new years), and all other sorts of gold shiny looking objects.  Yes, us chinese love the gold.

3Apologize for the shaky photo.  I was walking while taking it, and without a steady happen this happens.  I think the main attraction of this mall is the “lucky bridge”, where luckily enough, i have never been on or seen.  But i see a lot of people taking pictures of it, which I assume they are either vacationers (nah, it’s too cold) or locals that have never seen the “lucky bridge”.  Go with the latter.


It’s a nice bridge I guess.

Ohh…and how can I forget…..the main selling point of Pmall is…BUBBLE TEA.


I am not being sarcastic.  Seriously, you will find a bubble tea shop every corner of the mall.  I used to have a favorite here, but I think they moved because of an argument with the mall owners.  Sad.  But I did grab a mango drink with tapioca just for old times sake.  Tasted just like yesterday (amazing).

Pacific mall, located by kennedy / steeles is supppper packed on the weekends.  So come here on weekdays only =)

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  1. Toronto for us in the summer, but our favourite food right now is Cantonese or Vietnamese this looks like a destination destination



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