Inle Lake


Boating through Inle Lake at 8AM.

This definitely a must do. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS IF YOU ARE INLE LAKE.

If you don’t then I am going to kick your ass because you are simply not taking in what Inle lake has to offer.



Alright sorry, I should not be so energetic about this post. But man it was just so fun riding a boat through the lake.

We also did so much including:

  • Cigar shops
  • Cotton shops
  • Silver making shops
  • Boat making shops

Did we buy anything?

Nope, aside from the cigars (which tasted fabulous). I mean, fuck am I going to buy a damn wooden boat and then ship it back to Hong Kong?

No Choi is smart, he won’t do that shit.


The boat that we rented costed 35USD from 9 – 3 AM.

It was money well damn spent.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Our boat guide zoomed past these “towns” which you only see on TV. Like house on a water, where would you see that? No where!

At least not where Choi lives anyways. Was quite the experience to see this.

Oh I forgot to mention.

We also went to a local market.

Which was also an interesting experience in itself. Parking the boat here is like finding parking in pacific mall in Toronto aka impossible!

Just look at this disaster:

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

Inle Lake

The boats were hitting each other while we tried to park. Not sure if this was good for the boats but our guide didn’t seem to worry about it.

We also had a fabulous time walking through the market, looking at the locals sell seafood. Though I am not sure if I will ever buy seafood from here, not sure if cleanliness is a major concern here:

Inle Lake

Looks kind of disgusting. The fish just lying there. Ugh. Choi is totally not a fish fan.


BUT we did buy something. This kick ass, looking shopping bag:

Inle Lake

Good job life boss! Now you can buy groceries and feed Choi non-stop!

You are good at shopping groceries, buying me shit that I don’t like to eat.

Forcing me to eat vegetables. Not buying enough meat. Okay, I am going to get my ass kicked soon.

Mother nature was being a bitch like usual.


By fucking raining the whole time. I was literally taking a shower on the boat while zooming past through the lake.

But whatever, you are not going to be able to tamper my mood. I loved boating through Inle Lake!

Beautiful, lot’s to do, lot’s to see, lot’s to buy.

Absolutely awesome.




Inle Lake

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 12, 2018

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