Stone’s is a western restaurant / bar located in 1-9 Lin fan Kung St West, Tai Hang, Hong Kong.  The nearest MTR stop is Tin Hau (at least that’s what I think anyways).   Wanting to go somewhere that was more quiet, we decided that going to Tai Hang would be best.  Asked around, and was told Stone’s have great cheesy fries.  Sold.

Made reservations, which in hindsight was stupid because the place was not too packed.  They have coors light, so I ordered it.  Yes I have an affair with Coors Light.  Ordered like 10.  More like 2.



Ordered Burger, cheesy fries, and wings.  Cheesy fries was good.  Wings was good.  Burger was alright.  But maybe because at that point I was on my fourth beer, I was already kind of full so that probably impacted the experience a bit.  I think I will come again and try it one more time, see how it goes.


I mentioned earlier I made reservations, but they screwed up and did not have my reservations and we ended up sitting at a table for 10.  There was only two of us.  Fail.  They did make it up by giving us free cheese cake, so +1 for customer service there.  The waiters / waitresses / managers were also all really nice to us, and warm.  Which was good, because it was super chilly that night in Hong Kong.

Yes I said it, it’s cold in Hong Kong.  I still hold a Canadian passport so whatevs.

Don’t think they have a website.  They do have a facebook page.  Is that the new trend now? Facebook pages are replacing websites???? mmmm….interesting.


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  1. You were cold in HK, failed! You can no longer call yourself a Canadian.

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