Dude, I love ribs.  My favorite ribs so far was the ones I ate Hurricane’s in Sydney.  Per Daisy, there’s another one in Brisbane that was suppose to be equally, if not better.  The place was called The Smoke, and well of course we had to go.  We were starving too so yes, us 2 along with Julie Mama got in the car, turned on the engine, and drove.  Till we go to THE SMOKE.

What did we get? Ribs.  Fries. I also got a corn because I love corn.  I seem to love a lot of things in this post.


How were the ribs?  YO I seriously don’t know.  It was goooooood.  Is it better than Hurricanes?  Per the girls yes.  Per me?  I DON’t KNOW…they were equally instead of me trying to put one or another down, why don’t we just stare at another picture of the ribs:


I needed some veggies to go along with this massive piece of meat, so I ordered a corn.  Which I had to share, of course, naturally.

Sharing is caring so it’s fine.

This place has a bit of humor to it.  haha.  let me ask you, what do you call a vegetarian?  A bad hunter.



I didn’t make this up.  The restaurant did.  See above. So don’t yell at me!!  This is a rib place, so don’t expect fancy candles and wine and shit like that.  Prepare to get your face all messy and stuff.  Because frankly, that’s how you should eat ribs.

Anndd this is the website:



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