Chinese new year in Toronto, 2015!

Well, another Chinese New Years has come and gone!  As per usual, I went back to Toronto (home) for the festivities and to be with family and friends.   The flight back home was brutal, (14 hours).Ugh, thinking about it already makes me feel tired.  But I don’t have to deal with that for another two weeks (it’s feb 23 as I am writing this post).  Back to CNY, it was great seeing everyone again!


The night before chinese new years we ordered a entire suckling pig.  It was delicious.  One of my favorite parts of this holiday =)


Then we woke up early next day for some lion dancing.  With the usual gang.  I am terribly out of shape though, none of the jogging sessions I did previously helped at all.  I was dying throughout the day, that with the fact I was jet lagged meant I did not do much. haha.  But everyone else handled it well so it was good.  Snapped a couple of pictures of the two days:



Sick pictures.  Wonder who took them (not me).  Ill also piece together a video later (with my great amateur editing skills), when I have time of course.  Which means it could take a while.  Plus I am still waiting for all the videos to trickle in….

The mall people also took a picture of us, kind of weird.  We are not the best looking bunch, especially after sweating for the whole day.  But with a big of filters and effects I guess anything can look good. haha.  Here’s the gang!


I hope everyone had a great lunar year! all the best in the year of the goat / sheep / whatever you call it.

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