One of the most memorable experience I have had.  Eating live octopus.  Yes…..well I guess it was technically not alive since it was already chopped up into many pieces.  It was still moving because of the nervous system.  But yes, I thought of chickening out.

But eating with a girl means you have to just man up, and eat whatever is put in front of you.  And that I did.  I also took a video of the live octopus….WARNING…you should not watch if if you don’t like your food moving….

But yah..we came across this sea food tent place near our hotel.  Don’t know if it’s an annual festival or whatever, but we decided to try it anyways.

Yeah the food was alright.  A bit chewy in my opinion.  Actually no, I thought I was chewing gum the whole time.  Yeah, not sure if I will order it again.  But again, it was a unique experience and I’ll probably force all my friends to try it at one point.
see who chickens out.

3But yes, aside from the food the environment was nice.  Popped some soju, had some beer, ate some seafood.  My kinda friday night =)

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