I was told I have been to this restaurant previously.  I have no recollection of this.  Until the food came! hehe.  The restaurant is located in Darlinghurst, in Sydney Australia.  We drove here so we had the aid of the GPS.  You can find the address of the restaurant in their website: http://atavola.com.au/


This is an italian restaurant, so you know they will have all sorts of pasta dishes.  I ordered the special called “Parpardelle”, which was pasta mixed with wild boar meat.


Yes that’s right, wild boar meat.  Tasted like…..pork actually.  But it was damn delicious.  The biggest selling point of this place is that all the pasta are hand made and hand cut, so the texture is definitely something you can not find anywhere else.

Since the food is so great, you know it will be constantly packed.  So make a reservation in advance.  There’s two level to this place, with very dim lighting.  Guess they are going for the romantic feel, not sure.  Went with coworkers.



Just a tip, you can order from the a la carte menu which never changes.  Or you can order from the blackboard with all the specials.  I recommend the specials, and recommend you get the parpardella because it’s their signature dish here.  My coworkers ordered from the a la carte menu, and the pasta was hugeeeeee.  So just be mindful of that.

Awesome italian restaurant!

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