Hong Kong


In my ever losing quest of finding a good PHO place, I think i finally found it.  This place is called NHA TRANG is located in Central, which is why we went because we were drinking at Lan Kwai Fong (during a weekday…).  Viet noodles is a great after drinking, we call it drinking food.  Along with hotdog and burgers, you can never go wrong with eating viet noodles.


I am pretty boring, so I always order the beef noodle soup.  The broth was rich and delicious, the beef I don’t remember anymore because it’s been a couple of days.


I feel like I should blog write about a particular place right after I eat it, but oh well.  Too lazy.

My pictures are also pretty ugly and not appetizing, probably why I am not getting as much hits as I want. haha. Which reminds me, lately there has been a lot of interest in photography with your iphones.  So artistic, I wish I had those kind of talents.  But I don’t.

So I will continue eating.


I didn’t choose this restaurant, we were just brought here.  Good thing, because if I was to choose a place then we end up at the Diner again haha.

Speaking of which, one thing I really like about Hong Kong is the fact that it’s so diverse, meaning you get a lot of different cuisines here.  Western, Asian etc etc.  You name it.

Anyways, back to NHA TRANG.  I don’t know how to pronounce this, but whatever.  I have the website.

Beef Noodles. Bam.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 3 2015

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