2016 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – March 2016


So I used to have a monthly learnings post.  After 4 months of that it got discontinued because, well I stopped learning.  Which is bad.  So I am attempting to bring this back in the middle of March. But instead of just calling it “learnings” I am calling it “thoughts” that goes through my head haha. Here goes!

March 16 – Waking up at 530 is an adventure in itself.  Love the additional time I have to myself, and the pureness of a quiet morning is something words cannot describe.

March 17 – Presentation and communication skills is so vital.  I love to read articles about this subject.

March 22 – First thought of the day? I forgot about this today, yesterday and day before…and the day before that.

March 23 – Money or Happiness?

March 24 – was in toronto a month ago.  Last week was in sydney. Hk a couple days.  Now in Xian. World.

March 26 –  china is full of history and treasures.  A really great country.  Next step is to educate the people about order.

March 29 – positive thoughts only

March 30 – Mentally Strong

March 31 – Perception

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