If you ask me what ACME stands for, I can not tell you. I went to their website and didn’t get an answer either.  SOOOOO this is one of those things I guess you will never know, unless you know the owner.  In which case you should let me know what it stands for.




So ACME is an Italian Tapas Asian fusion restaurant.  And since I am Asian the flavor of the dishes obviously suited my taste.  My favorite was the Macaroni Pig Head with Egg Yolk (see top picture).  Naturally I was the one that chose that dish hah.  And no there was no pig head in the dish..well maybe the meat itself was from the head of a pig, but you definitely don’t see a head in there so it’s fine.


The restaurant was very small and chic, and it’s a fine place to hang out with friends on a weekend.  Make reservations though as this place does get packed.


Other dishes that we ordered included the shaved cabbage, 3 cups of quail (really small!), and linguine dish.  There was one more dish but I forgot what it is. It’s tapas, but for three people 4 – 5 dishes is more than enough.  Plus you will be getting drinks right? =p


Written from Sydney, Four Points Sheraton on March 12 2016


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  1. The dishes look so much tasty on the picture, I absolutely can’t get over the diet if someone hand them in front of me. And uhm, is it a raw egg yolk on the first dish?

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