Hong Kong


Heritage of the Tang family.  So if you last name is Tang, that means you should visit this place because your ancestors were from here.  I am not a Tang, but I still went anyways (because I got dragged into it =p hehe joking).

But yes, this place is farrrrrrr.  And that’s saying something because I live pretty far myself already.  It took me about one hour to get there via MTR.  Farrrrrr.



But it was worth it.  Got to see a lot of old cultural architecture, and old people playing bingo.  At least I thought they were playing bingo.  Not really sure.


That’s the website, you can find more details there.


We actually did not know where to start the trail lol.  We saw a lot signs, but each of them lead to a dead end.  Only after about 15 minutes of walking around without a direction, did we find the entrance by the riverside.  From there it was easy going.


The highlight of the trail (aside from the architecture) was the gorgeous view you get at the end of the trail.  Basically when you get to the museum, you need to walk up the hill.  There you have a fabulous of Yuen Long.  Never have I seen so many trees in my life in Hong Kong!

Definitely worth the trek!


Written from Chicago, Hyatt Lodge on December 7 2015

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