So as mentioned in my Luk Yu post, I was hella hungry after that “dim sum” session because we only ordered 5 dim sums.  Don’t ask, if it was a super pricey meal.  Because we were all hungry still we decided to walk down the street to Yat Lok Restaurant.


This is god forbid another Michelin restaurant.  I feel like every other restaurant that I go to is a Michelin Starred restaurant.  Seriously?

Well this one I can actually see why it’s a Michelin starred restaurant.  The goose meat mixed with the soup noodles was damn delicious.  A bit pricey again, but then we are in Central.  The “central” area of expensive food. haha. bad pun.


I would definitely come back to eat more goose meat.  You don’t get this a lot in other places I find, so have to eat as much as possible before they go extinct!

Nah just joking, they ain’t part of no endangered species list.

Didn’t get to take much pictures in here because it was super crowded and busy…..I feel like I was being pushed out once I finished my dish.  But that’s the norm in most restaurants in Hong Kong haha.

Goose Meat! Goose Meat!  Goose Meat!!

Written from Riyadh, Sheraton on May 13 2016


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