I can’t remember the last time I went to an amusement park.  Back in university?  I mean I am old now, can’t take the roller coasters / haunted houses anymore.  Heart just can’t take it anymore!  Think that is actually lyrics from an actual song.  But yeah, was running out of things to do in Seoul so I decided to go visit Lotte World.



Once I got there I remember why I don’t like amusement parks.  The lineups for the rides take foreeeeeeeeeeeeevvvver.

Seriously, one hour wait for a 2 minute ride.  Oh my god.  Why would anyone do that.  They should have this concept of a “front of the line pass” -> see LA Universal Studios.  If there was that option I would buy it and would’ve enjoyed it that much more.

The fact that we got there at 4PM also didn’t help, as we had dinner plans.  So we only lined up for one ride.

And it ended up to be the wrong ride lol.  Instead of a roller coaster we went to a theme ride where we rode on a truck……sigh.


Probably would not go back again, just didn’t much of an appeal to me.  If you have kids though it is a good place to kill a day off, there are a lot of rides for kids.  If you want more details / address you can click on their official address:

Written from Sydney, Four Points Sheraton on March 17 2016


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  1. Not exactly a fair assessment of the Park. It’s like arriving at Disneyland on a rainy day at 4pm and complaining about LA traffic to and from.

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