By far the best restaurant that we have gone to in the 2016 June edition of Sydney.

And its only the first week! (Or was the first week at the time of writing this post).

Berta, is assumed named after the street it is on. Which is Alberta Street. I apologize if there are any other significance that I missed about the name but fuck, I came here for some good food.



And some good food I got. For once I am going to list out the names of the food I consumed so that it gives my dear readers, some context:

  • Padron peppers – spicy ass shit
  • Salama onion persommon ndjua – how do you pronounce ndjua?
  • Calamarata duck ragu – my favorite dish of the night
  • Lamb polenta kale eggplant – not bad, forgot about this dish though had to ask what I was missing
  • Green beans broccoli – because we should be healthy

Why do the names of the dishes have to be so god damn complicated…padron peppers? Why not just green spicy peppers.


Calamarata duck? Fuck just say duck ragu. For simplicity purposes. Like I am not going to tell my friends “hey order the calamarata duck ragu”.  No I am going to say “eat the duck ragu”.

To the point, to avoid confusion, and to save time.

Thats my mantra.  But enough complaining, the food here was delicious.



If you are a wine lover they also have a wide selection of wine. Next time I am going to order a whole bottle to myself hehe.

What? One man can’t drink wine by himself? Get your shit straight.

Despite the awesome ratings I am giving this restaurant, it is yet another share your food with people that is on the same table as you…I personally would have preferred to demolish the duck ragu myself……


Written from Airlie Beach, Airlie Beach on June 12, 2016


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