Hong Kong


Beeger….so so burgers..BUT REALLY AWESOME LOCATION.

Why was the location so AWESOME? It’s right by the waters in Kennedy town! Seriously, I don’t know where I can find a place in Hong Kong where the restaurant / bar is right beside the water.  What a waste.  I think so much more money could have been made if they put more bars / restaurants in these areas.  Because it’s so nice.


Especially on a hot summer day, you just want to chill by the water and have a drink or two.  Sigh.  Fail Hong Kong.


Or maybe fail me for not being able to find these places. Hong Kong is a island afterall, maybe I am just not looking in the right places.


Beeger.  This place frustrated me a couple of months ago because on their website they said they open from 12PM.  I stood there till 1PM and they did not fucking open.

So I left for another restaurant nearby.  Mind you that restaurant was super delicious so no loss here.
Fast forward to June, we went to Beeger 2 again.  Sat down, not a lot of people (but it was around 2PM).  There was only one guy working.


One guy working means everything is super slow.  We ordered a burger naturally because the name of this place is “beeger”.   To give them credit, they do make all the burgers from scratch so that is a reason why everything is so freaking slow.

But was the wait worth it?

Was it?

Was it?

Nah…it wasn’t.

The meat wasn’t that good, wasn’t that tender.  The bun was too big for it’s own good.


The fries was good.  I did like the fries.

The beer selection was okay, they had IPA so I was quite happy.

But for 100+ HKD for one burger, I don’t think it’s worth it.  Nor do I think I would come back for food.  But for a beer on a hot summer day? Hell yeah I would!


Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 2, 2016.


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