Choi Rant!!!!!No direct flights to Toronto!?!? Air miles are useless!


I haven’t ranted in a LONG time. So since it’s a Sunday, just finished cleaning and with nothing planned I want to tell you a story on how I ALMOST was unable to get to Toronto.

Okay, background is that I need to go to Toronto for a couple of weddings this September. Back in June I applied to exchange my air miles for a free round trip to Toronto. My return trip to HK was immediately approved, but my flight to Toronto was not. I was told I had to wait because the “free seats” was not available.

Fine. Fair. But the airline also told me I would be notified once a seat frees up. I assumed this also means that if there would no seats available, they would offer me a seat where I would just pay.

I mean you know I am trying to go to Toronto, so if there are no “free seats” you should let me have the option of buying one right?

Fuck no!

End of August I checked my status and realized not only did my free seat not come, the entire plane was booked! my only option was to book a business class ticket..YeAH Okay! I ain’t made out of money you know.

I was so pissed that day, seriously if a passenger already has a return flight confirmed, why would you not offer the other flight to your passengers first? ugh, so dumb.

I ended up having to buy a one way ticket to Vancouver (which is not that bad at the end of the day), AND a separate one way domestic flight to Toronto.

Yes at the end of the day I spent more money. I should not have exchanged my flights.

Lesson here is, don’t try to exchange for a free ticket if it’s a long haul.
Oh wait, I did for November.

Sigh. What a dumbass I am.

Note – all pictures stolen from Google.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 28 2016

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