Walking your lady home.

I remember doing that in Toronto when I was young.

Puppy love as we called it.

3:30 the school bell rang, I walked over to my girlfriend and said “hey baby, let’s go home.”

Not in a sexual way of course. Choi ain’t like that. No, what Choi meant was “Yo, let me walk you home because I am a damn gentlemen”.

Pretty sure she was impressed with young Choi.

good job

Haven’t really done that since I started driving. Why walk when you can drive right?

Life Boss would like to interject here: “Wtf you never walk me home!”

That’s not true.

Because on one lovely night in Mandalay, I walked Life Boss to a restaurant and back to the hotel room.

Minor note – I was dying from diarrhea that day.

You are probably thinking “Damn Choi! Such a man!”.


You are wrong. I really didn’t want to go out that night.

But I felt bad because we were on vacation in Mandalay so we should be out and about. And we should also be eating local food.

In addition, I felt like I needed to accompany Life Boss to the restaurant because Mandalay doesn’t give me the same comfort as other South East Asian countries.

Don’t know why.

I know the city is super safe but I just couldn’t let her walk by herself at night there (such a gentlemen I know).

Further, I know that Life Boss likes to eat at very local restaurants, which is situated near the slums.

No way I was going to let her walk through these streets alone:



Scary yah?

Therefore, diarrhea or no diarrhea Life Boss ain’t walking alone!

After a dreadful 20 minute walk with Life Boss (with no incident), we finally arrived at our final destination, the Shan Ma Ma restaurant.

Arrived and this place IS LOCAL AS LOCAL CAN GET.



Not sure if eating local Myanmar food is good for my diarrhea. I probably should go somewhere more clean, where the air conditioner is blowing at my face.

Instead we went to a place where cockroaches were roaming around, cars zooming past us.

But meh, what Life Boss wants, Life Boss gets.

When we sat down Choi was already dying.

  • Maybe the restaurant owner knew about this, because we were immediately served with this salty, hot vegetable soup! So good! Made my stomach feel so good, so good that I was even able to to continue on with the rest of the meal. So good that I even had 2 servings! Which was all free!Mandalay
  • We ordered the lime prawns which was recommended by the waiter / owner / owner’s son. It came, and we were not impressed with the dish. Wished it was more spicy? Untitled
  • Now the Gai Lai (vegetable) WAS SO GOOD. What? Choi liking Vegetables?  I know right? But I have to give respect where respect is due, and this Gai Lan deserves my respect. Probably helps a lot with my diarrhea as well. Note – I found that Gai Lan is really good in Myanmar, why is that? Anyone know?Untitled
  • Finally the mustard chicken. The chicken was dry as fuck. Another normal dish in my opinion. Untitled

The atmosphere of this place is awesome.

A true local experience, so I recommend this restaurant to all of you.

The soup and gai lan is to die for. It also made me feel super good afterwards which I guess is the reward I get for walking Life Boss out.

Walk your ladies home, walk your ladies to the restaurant boys!.


Written from Hong Kong, Mira Moon on June 11, 2018


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