Couples Therapy 10. Top or bottom

Life Boss says:

Before you say anything, this is not a dirty question. I wanted to discuss the very important topic of *drumroll* …  the way we squeeze toothpaste.

I like to squeeze from the middle until we’re about half way through the tube. Then I switch and become a bottom-squeezer. It maximises the amount of product we get from the tube. Its harder to get the product down in those niggly corners out when you’re close to finishing so better get a head start when there is still a sufficient amount in there to push the rest out.

Wonder what this says about our personalities…

Choi says:

Why does this matter dear.

Life Boss says:

Cos it bugs me.

Choi says:

I seriously don’t really think about it. I just need to brush my teeth. So I squeeze wherever there is paste. I put it on my brush.

And then I brush.

When I can’t squeeze anymore, I open a new tooth paste.

Not sure why we need to have a step by step manual on how to squeeze tooth paste.

Life Boss says:

This isn’t a manual. It’s something you do ti make your life easier and more efficient.


  1. My boy and my wife are just like Choi. 🙌🙌

    For me, I always start from the bottom and then going up. That make the tooth paste easy to stand on it’s cap. Personally, I don’t think this is related to any efficiency but purely a personal issue instead. 🤣

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