I miss Malaysian food so muchhhhhh…

So much that one night when I walked pass this restaurant called Hawker Malaysian, I didn’t think even twice. Just went straight in! Sat down, looked at the menu and to be honest, not really sure if this is authentic Malaysian food or more chinese fusion? They were selling Hainanese Chicken? Always thought that was a chinese dish.



Regardless, sat down and asked the waitress for some recommendations. She told me I should get the Char Kway Teow, which as described their menu is “Spicy wok-tossed rice noodles with eggs, prawns, cockles, Chinese sausage and fresh bean sprouts.”



Sounds pretty kick ass and delicious to me.

Particularly loved that Chinese Sausage. Yummers.

There were quite a bit of people when I arrived, so I think this is a popular eatery among the locals / foreigners. Definitely will come back, and I recommend this restaurant to all of you, my lovely reader.


This place is great if you are eating along, which was my situation that particular night. Service is quick, people don’t seem to think you are weird just eating by yourself (who am I kidding, it’s perfectly normal). I remember that night I was just walking around the CBD in Sydney, wasn’t able to find any food of my liking. Mostly because of my low carb diet that I am currently on. A lot of options got cut.


So I am cheating a bit, eating this noodle dish. But TOTALLY worth it.

Totally will order it again.

Totally will eat it again.

Written from Sheraton on the Park, Sydney on August 24 2016

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