Sigh, I hate having a cold.

My number two most hated illness behind a sore throat.

Why? Because when I have a cold I can’t taste shit, its like my taste buds decided to take time off and just say fuck it to food. No appetite, no taste buds = can’t eat food.

So when I was brought to this burger joint called the Local Public Eatery, I was bracing myself for some dull food (not because of the restaurants, again because of my shitty ass taste buds).



Much to my amazement though, I actually tasted the burger (yes I got the burger even when I was sick). I also had fries.
But the beef patty, damnnnn delicious I am pretty sure if I didn’t have a cold it would have tasted 10 x better in my mouth.

So I guess its sort of a wasted eating experience. But hey, this was an awesome burger joint anyhow!


Her baby. haha.


An artistic photo. Credits to stranger. Hope you didn’t mind.


What you see in the background is correct. I ordered a beer. An IPA to be exact. Not the best beverage to indulge in when you have a cold / coughs.

I didn’t feel good after the beer.

But meh.

Toughed it out like a motherfucking MAN.


All in all, great times here.

It was also shitting freezing rain (i.e. rain but because it’s winter it turns into ice). Yeah the roads were not fun. I was slipping all over the place, because being Canadian you know I don’t wear snow boots. Sigh.

Written from Toronto, Home on February 8, 2017

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