Hong Kong


Alright this is going to be a short ass post with only four pictures to offer you.

Not because the restaurant wasn’t good (it was good) but because it was a team lunch so it would not have been professional for me to take a lot of photos while we were talking about business.

But then I took 4 photos anyways so I probably should have said screw it, let’s just take an absurd number of photos.

But yeah, we had a team lunch at Shiro which is literally 2 minutes away from my desk.

First impressions of this place? Damn expensive.

Don’t know if I would come here if it wasn’t for a team lunch. I ordered the Chirashi because I MISS CHIRASHI.

Oh man there was this restaurant in restaurant that made a BAD ASS chirashi dish. Miss it so much.




Feel like this place is so fancy shmancy. I guess they have to if the restaurant is located in the Taikoo Place. I would assume the rent is super high.

Which then translates to super high menu prices.

Yeah don’t know if I would come here for a casual dinner.

Not that I can afford it anyways.

It was fresh though, the food. So that’s good. You should not get sick here.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 9, 2017

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