After weeks of eating Korean Barbeque and Fried Chicken and drinking beer/soju my body was screaming for me to eat something lighter.

Something not as flavorful.

Some home made meals would have been nice. So when my local colleague took me to this home style restaurant called “Kitchen Table” my body was congratulating and thanking me.

Sometimes you just need a normal meal, nothing fancy, and it still hits the spot.




I ordered the spicy pork.

Yes…..okay…maybe it’s not the most “calming” food that I should have after complaining eating KBBQ and Fried Chicken for 3 straight weeks.

But man, this spicy pork was damn delicious.

I wasn’t thirsty either after the meal. Usually after a meal in Hong Kong I have to drink two tubs of water just to cleanse the MSG out of my system. Not this meal!


So normal!

So homey!



The restaurant is located underground…near Mama’s Cafe..which is near my office…I don’t have any other information.

Can’t blame me, they got no website and it seems like they don’t exist in the interweb.

So yep, your loss my gain.


Sorry. I am such an asshole.




Note to self – come here if I want a cheap meal, considerably healthy, and close to the office.

Note to you – if you want to come here…umm…message me..I try my best to find the directions (or I just ask my colleague).

Written from Seoul, Westin on March 29, 2017

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