Wow the Marina in Dubai looks so much like Singapore.

Huge Singapore feel. Although I am not the biggest fan of Singapore but hey it was nice to be in a quiet area, eating by the water at Marina Social Room.

But mannnn were we ever so tired that day. We landed at 6AM and toughed it out alllll the way to dinner. Okay maybe it was just me that was super tired. BUT GOOD THING THAT I SOLDIERED THROUGH!

Place was damn amazing!




Brought to you by acclaimed Michelin-starred British chef Jason Atherton, Marina Social is your social space; where whims and fantasies are recognized and indulged. Experience creativity, conversation, class and comfort within a relaxed, social atmosphere  against the backdrop of the stunning panoramic views of the waterfront, overlooking the buzzing Dubai Marina.

Whatttt a Michelin Star chef? I didn’t know that until now…I seriously should pay more attention to the places I go to and the shit I eat. But never too late.

Let’s go into what I ate here yeah? Because well..that’s probably why you are reading this post. Side note – I am so f*cking hungry right now.


I started off with the tiger prawns because it was a seafood kind of day. I am trying to eat more seafood at night because it’s just a lot lighter for my stomach. Can’t digest shit at night.

The shrimp was fresh, don’t know what the sauce was probably mayonnaise? Here’s another tip for myself, jot down some fucking notes next time so you can give better descriptions of the food you are inhaling you lazy ass.


For my main I ordered Risotto because I LOVE RISOTTO. The best invention ever besides pizza, burger, burritos, PHO..etc etc..

And this Risotto did not disappoint.

Was a bit salty though.

Maybe that’s the Michelin taste…..




But the main selling point here is the view. We were lucky in that there was nobody in the restaurant so we more or less had the whole balcony to ourselves.

So zeeeennnnn that night. Moments like this you have to enjoy with a glass of wine. Which we didn’t order. Place was too damn expensive.

Failure of a moment.


Le Menu.

The following photos are images of my food I guess. I don’t know where to put them in this post and I don’t have any captions so just enjoy the food porn.




You know I really don’t know if I can vacation in Dubai even though I am completely in love with this city. Everything is money money money here…like expensive money…

Will be bankrupt.

But I love Dubai.

And hey the food here ain’t too shabby.

Written from Dubai, Sheraton Grand on April 17, 2017

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